Lost at WordPress

I’ve been blogging for years now and I admit I have used wordpress (work-related) but something has been bugging-slash-kinda-pissing-me-off about WordPress. I AM LOST. I don’t know.. I hate it when I don’t know my way around something. It’s like being in Kindergarten again and learning the alphabets and numbers for the first time. Plus, Sid told me she can actually ACCESS my blog.. it’s like she’s Author number 2 on my blog! What the heck?! I don’t wanna blog here anymore… I’m moving out!

And if I ever write an entry in here again, then good for… all of us!



Christmassing in WordPress

I’ve been blogging in other blog sites (ie; Friendster, Blogger, Multiply) ever since I started blogging but for some strange reasons, I am actually starting to blog here. This wordpress account has actually been in existence for quite a long time now but since Sid drags me into blogging here, then here I am, writing my first post in WordPress.


Things have been quite Ok right now. We just had our Christmas party last December 20th and I’m happy that I got “Best in Attendance.” I know it’s just a small recognition but it just felt nice since I never really had a “late” this year (as in not even 8:01am). I could say that this year’s Christmas Party is more fun than the last two years I had here, because 1. the perverts are gone, 2. I wasn’t friends with “her” anymore, 3. the people I get to spend it with are just “uniquely them”, and 4. I actually get to party without taking any alcohol for the whole night. After the party, we decided to just make “tambay” in Starbucks ABS and wait for like 3am before going to church for the “Simbang Gabi.” I felt soooooo sleepy to the point that I’m already falling asleep in the middle of the mass but it was so worth it because in spite of partying the whole night, I was still able to attend the Simbang Gabi. However, the Simbang Gabi is through and sad to say that I was only able to attend to 8 Simbang Gabi’s. )= Oh well, I’m just gonna try again next year.

One more thing, last Saturday morning, Jhoy and I finally had the chance to visit Chico and Delamar at the RX Station. It’s good to be back in Strata… the last time I was there was when I attended the MEG Focus Group Discussion at the MEG office in Strata 100. I know this wouldn’t be the first time I would meet C&D but for some unexplainable reasons, (as Jhoy say it) “umurong lahat ng confidence at tapang namin” when we reached the 17th floor of Strata 2000. We went inside the booth at around 7 or 8 am and there we found The Specialist, another Rusher. Chico and Delle were nice; by the time TMR ended I handed them my present, Delle first and then Chico. When I handed Delle the gift, she just said, “Oh Wow!” I know she likes the show and I hope that she (and Chico) would love watching it as much as I did. I actually asked Delle if she has watched any of the shows and she said yes (in New York), admitting that she love musicals so much… hmmm, I think Delle and I will jive when it comes to it. (= Anyway, Jhoy, The Specialist, and his nieces had picture taking with C&D before heading to Trinoma. Too bad they have to go early because they have another appointment that day, but it’s ok… we had sooooo much fun! Thanks to C&D for being so accommodating and for posing us for a pic.

I will try to update this as much as I could but for now, let me greet everyone of you a Merry Christmas and a peaceful, Happy New Year.

Jhack (=